In order to use any Infolytica software, you require a licensing file key.

When do you need a new license key file?

  • When installing your software for the first time

  • When adding new features or software options to your license

  • When installing your software on a new computer if you have a node-locked license
    (floating network and dongle users do not need a new license

  • When using a different server for your floating network license

  • When your existing license key file has expired.
    (If you are a maintained client, you should receive a renewal notice from us prior to the expiration)

Evaluation license

If you would like to receive a full featured evaluation license for one of our software packages, please contact your local representative for further details.

If you have received your temporary username and password, please login for more information.

Purchased or leased license

If you are a new or maintained customer, please login with your support username and password for more information.

Maintenance Renewal

If you have recently renewed your maintenance contract with us, our licensing team will be sending you a new file shortly. If you do not receive your new license or have additional questions, please contact your local representative.