Trajectory Evaluator

The Trajectory Evaluator is used with MagNet and ElecNet to simulate the path of one or more particles while under the influence of electromagnetic or electric fields.

Typical applications which require combining field solutions with particle trajectory calculations include: beams (electron and ion guns), filtration, precipitators, ion traps, deflector plates and more.

The particles are first characterized by specifying the following parameters:

  • Initial force and force direction
  • Charge
  • Mass
  • Energy
  • Dynamic Coefficient of Viscosity (drag force)
  • Optionally account for relativistic effects
  • Angle

Once the simulation is complete, the Trajectory Evaluator reports the following results:

  • Particle Position (chart)
  • Particle Velocity (chart)
  • Particle Acceleration (chart)
  • Position, Velocity and Acceleration at each time step (text file)
  • Trace of particle's trajectory

The Trajectory Evaluator supports the following solver modules:

  • MagNet 3D magnetostatic, time harmonic (AC) or transient solver
  • ElecNet 3D electrostatic solver
  • A combination of magnetostatic and electrostatic fields

When using ElecNet, a frequency can be set on the particle to allow for AC field simulations with the electrostatic solver.

For MagNet 3D time harmonic and transient solvers

  • Simulate the entire trajectory at a fixed phase or time instant
  • The phase or time instant can be varied at each step of the trajectory which is automatically calculated based on the trajectory time steps coupled with the frequency