System Model Generator

An electromechanical device in MagNet can be exported as an RSM in VHDL-AMS format for use in third party system simulation software.

Migrate to One Simulation Environment

Designing mechatronic systems requires understanding the significant interactions between the electromechanical components and the analog or digital electronics.

MagNet's automated System Model Generator can create accurate response surface models (RSM) in VHDL-AMS format for combining these two design environments.

Within minutes you can generate a VHDL-AMS model of your electric machine for use in any system simulation software which supports IEEE standard 1076.1.


  • System integration and verification with a highly accurate model of the component
  • Reduces unanticipated complications and costly modifications in final stages of design
  • Easy to include in existing workflow
  • Optimize component performance in mechatronic systems