MagNet Plug-in for Simulink©

The MagNet Plug-in for Simulink (from The MathWorks©) combines the analysis capabilities of these two software tools, offering a powerful and efficient solution to designers of electromechanical devices with closed-loop control circuits (such as motors or actuators).

The load, voltage and current signals are transferred from Simulink to MagNet (and vice versa) during the co-simulation process. This constant data exchange links the two models and produces interdependent multi-domain results.

Quick and Easy Setup

A MagNet object is selected from Simulink's library of elements and inserted into the system control circuit. The block element created links to a specified MagNet device file, with input and output ports that are used for connecting the circuit's signals to the device's coils. The setup options include:

  • MagNet time step value
  • MagNet solver to use
  • Saving of the MagNet solution (for further post processing)
  • Independent time step value for MagNet (significantly reduces co-simulation time without reducing accuracy)

Co-simulations of both the dynamic control system and the electric machine takes into account:

  • Eddy currents
  • Material non-linearity
  • Mechanical movement
  • Complex drive and control circuits