Perform electromagnetic field analysis in SOLIDWORKS

MagNet for SOLIDWORKS is the foremost 3D electromagnetic field simulator embedded in the industry leading CAD software. A combination beyond compare: just one design environment for drawing the model and analyzing the performance of any EM device such as power transformers, sensors, MRI, actuators, solenoids and much more.

This is not a live link or connection of two standalone software tools, but rather a fully integrated add-in to SOLIDWORKS which runs seamlessly inside the CAD environment.

Current Density Shade Plot of the Drive Coil
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Perform electromagnetic field simulations and quickly make geometric modifications to examine their impact on the design without worrying about exporting model data and dealing with compatibility issues.

The property management pages and study setup use the same look and feel of SOLIDWORKS interface, making it intuitive to existing users.

MagNet for SOLIDWORKS' solution approach is based on the highly accurate finite element method for simulating static, frequency dependent or time varying electromagnetic fields. Read more about the complete feature set.

Useful Features

  • Seamlessly add electromagnetic field simulations to the SOLIDWORKS CAD environment
  • Circuit editor to control the specific characteristics, timing and overall profile of the electromagnetic device under study
  • Current flow in coils is automatically detected for easy setup
  • Detach and move components when post-processing results for easier understanding of the performance
  • Slice and peel through field results
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