MagNet v7

Student Edition

MagNet Student Edition is available free of charge to students, professors and academic researchers. It includes the 2D magnetostatic solver and only some of the features that the full edition of MagNet offers.

You may freely use the Student Edition, provided you adhere to the included license agreement.

While this version does not provide the full capabilities of the full professional version license, it does include sufficient features for learning the basics of finite element analysis based electromagnetic field simulations.

Documentation included with the Student Edition (available from the Help Menu):

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Introduction to MagNet
  • Tutorials

If your academic research requires capabilities not available in MagNet Student Edition, or if you wish to explore other software solutions from Infolytica Corporation or procure multiple seats for teaching/educational purposes, please contact your local representative to learn more about our Academic Licensing and Pricing options.

Feature-wise, here are the differences between Student and Full Edition:

Student Edition
Full Evaluation License
Easy-to-use Windows® interface
Magnetostatic field 2D solver
Static 3D, AC 2D/3D, Transient 2D/3D and Motion solvers
2D mesh adaption
3D mesh adaption
Materials Library
2D boundary conditions
3D boundary conditions  
Scripting Tools
Parameterization Module
3rd Party CAD file import (SAT, Pro/E, Inventor, CATIA, IGES, STEP)
Multithreaded solvers for faster performance
Automated Design Optimization with OptiNet  
Coupling with ThermNet  
Online Documentation  
Customer Support