Accurate Iron Loss Predictions in MagNet 7.8

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Fast and accurate iron loss prediction is desirable to designers of large ferromagnetic devices. This webinar will use a power transformer to show that MagNet 7.8 AC/time-harmonic solvers can meet this need effectively.

The time-harmonic predicted iron loss, is practically the same as that of a transient solve, with a 90% reduction in solution time. The webinar will also introduce controlled switches that allow complex controls within MagNet 7.8, without the need of a secondary circuit simulator. A boost converter will serve as an example.

Key Take-Away:

  • Improved nonlinear material treatment in AC/time-harmonic solvers
  • The accurate estimation of iron losses in a power transformer by use of an AC/time-harmonic solver
  • Control of current and voltage of a boost converter using controlled switches
  • New features of MagNet 7.8