MotorSolve Powering BMW i3 Design and Simulations

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Automotive manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in the design process and reduce their product’s time-to-market. This webinar explains how Infolytica’s MotorSolve 6.0 design software and its quick and easy virtual prototyping abilities can help.


Attendees will come away with an understanding of MotorSolve 6.0's new 2017 features for motor and generator analysis for both hybrid & electric vehicles. Of special importance is DC bus power generation, including battery charging through energy recovery during braking. The presentation uses BMW's traction motor-generator-used to power the unique 2012 carbon-composite i3 electric vehicle-as a practical example.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn about MotorSolve's simulation capabilities for PM generators
  • Gain a detailed understanding of high power density motor/generator design
  • Understand the design details of the BMW i3 traction machine