Fast and accurate iron loss prediction is desirable to designers of large ferromagnetic devices. This webinar will use a power transformer to show that MagNet 7.8 AC/time-harmonic solvers can meet this need effectively. WATCH

Automotive manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in the design process and reduce their product’s time-to-market. This webinar explains how Infolytica’s MotorSolve 6.0 design software and its quick and easy virtual prototyping abilities can help. WATCH

MotorSolve now makes generator design and analysis possible. This presentation introduces the new generator tools as well as additional design and display tools for motor analysis. WATCH

MagNet 2D/3D is used by designers & engineers in many different industries as their preferred CAE tool for electromagnetic field simulations. Using an actuator as the design example, this webinar will provide you with an introduction to all the key features of the software. WATCH

How can multi-physics simulations impact a motor’s ultimate performance? This presentation reviews the optimum design of a brushless permanent magnet motor using Infolytica’s MotorSolve software. Attendees will learn how to imagine a design idea, and then review a complete set of critical motor responses for that idea – all in just a few minutes! WATCH

This Webinar will display the use of the full-featured scripting capability as well as showcasing the new ways that users can reveal the behavior of their motors. read more

In this webinar, MagNet’s non-linear surface impedance and perfect electric insulator modeling are demonstrated. Together the two are extremely useful when designing medium to large power transformers. Using these features... WATCH

Actuators vary significantly in design, dimension and usage. Electric actuators continue to replace traditional pneumatic devices due to cost and application flexibility. Designing an electric actuator requires accurate electromagnetic field... WATCH

During this webinar, MotorSolve SRM will be used to tackle many aspects of the electric machine design process: sizing, winding configuration, material selection, losses/efficiency and reviewing the performance results. What... WATCH

Using MotorSolve to tackle real design problems. All aspects of the process will be covered: sizing, winding, materials and performance results. WATCH

This webinar is an introduction to the newest MotorSolve module, during which DCM will be used to tackle many aspects of the electric machine design process, winding configuration, material selection... WATCH

To completely understand the complexities of the electric field produced by and surrounding a power transmission line, the insulator and tower requires accurate simulation software. In this webinar, we will... WATCH

The 2010 Prius is an IPM motor with an 8-pole rotor and a 48-pole 3-phase winding. To keep the components of the motor in safe operating conditions, spray cooling is... WATCH