Seminar: Electromagnetic Simulations for Virtual Prototyping and Design

Date September 19, 2017
Time Morning Session: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Afternoon Session: 1:30pm to 4:30pm
See Agenda below for details
Location Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, CA
Cost Free - Register Online

MagNet 2D/3D & MotorSolve are used by designers in various industries as their preferred computer-aided engineering tool for electromagnetic field simulations. This free seminar is a great opportunity to learn more about our virtual prototyping software.

One of Infolytica's technical application experts will demonstrate how to use our software to tackle common design problems and answer your questions. Some of the performance metrics that will be examined include magnetic flux, magnetic density, temperature, velocity & acceleration of components in motion, and resulting forces or torques.

The morning session will focus on actuators, solenoids and applications with magnetic levitation.

The afternoon session will focus on electric motors and generators.

Attendees can register for each session separately.

Key Take-Away:

  • Learn how MagNet and MotorSolve can be used to virtually prototype and replicate a variety of physical laboratory experiments
  • Multiple Degrees of Freedom for true motion simulation of complex systems such as magnetic levitation
  • Easy parameterization and optimization
  • Time-transient response capabilities
  • The benefits of coupled electromagnetic-thermal analysis


Morning Session #1Introduction to MagNet
Linear machines: solenoids / actuators
Refreshments Break
Morning Session #2 Magnetic Levitation
Afternoon Session #1 Introduction to MotorSolve
Rotating Machines (Part 1)
Refreshments Break
Afternoon Session #2 Introduction to MagNet for Motion / Rotating Machines
Rotating Machines (Part 2)