The sole source where knowledge about transformers, applied physics and Infolytica's software suite merge.

Trafoexperts offers solutions to challenging transformer problems in several ways.


This service addressed to people who are looking for a quick solution to a specific transformer problem (failure investigation, design verification, cost reduction, etc.).

The use Infolytica software is part of the solution by allowing the virtual modeling of transformers to understand existing designs and validate alternative solutions"

Design Tools

Where only input and output are simply transformer data (no need of finite element knowledge) and Infolytica is the powerful "field engine" under the hood.

This service is for transformer companies who want to be more competitive by deploying the power of field analysis in their design department in an efficient way without need of costly training or personnel highly skilled in finite elements.

Training Courses

Learn how to use magnetic and electric fields analysis in general and Infolytica in particular, for the solution of transformer related problems.

This service is for R&D teams who want to shorten their learning time to be able to focus on their projects with maximum efficiency.

Contact Information

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