Based on a long research and development at Dresdner University of Technology in Germany from the early 1990, OptiY GmbH has been founded in 2006. The mission is to develop and promote the software OptiY® and to help all engineers making their product development better, faster and cheaper.

OptiY® is an open and multidisciplinary design environment providing most modern optimization strategies and state of the art probabilistic algorithms for uncertainty, reliability, robustness, sensitivity analysis, fatigue life prediction, data-mining and meta-modeling. The simulation system can be considered as black box with inputs and outputs. Within, it is an open platform for different kind of model classes. The adaptation to a special simulation environment takes place by a suitable interface. Collaborating different simulation systems is possible as networks, finite-element-method, rigid body dynamics, also material test bench as control optimization for drives.

Use OptiY with MagNet to perform optimization and sensitivity analysis on any electromagnetic device.

Two case studies, Robust Design of Induction Motor and Tolerance Analysis of Surge Arrester, which demonstrates the linking of these products, can be viewed on OptiY's web site.

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