SystemVision® by Mentor Graphics

SystemVision provides a standards-based modeling and simulation platform, where designers can virtually assemble, explore, and analyze multi-discipline systems. These include many components and subsystems with complex interactions that can dominate performance and stability aspects of the design. Therefore, they must all be integrated into the full system model, in order for these interactions to be understood and assessed. One type of system for which this is extremely important is a Motor, Drive, and Control System. Understanding the interactions between the power electronics and the machine, between the machine and dynamic mechanical load, and across the entire closed-loop control system (which may include sensors, software, analog and digital electronics, etc.) is critical to design success.

The complex static and dynamic characteristics of the machine itself are very significant for any design analysis that is to be performed. Accurate models that correspond to the actual physical implementation of the machine are essential. Infolytica provides a product, MotorSolve, that helps machine designers properly size and analyze performance characteristics based on the physical layout and material properties of the machine. This process is based on Infolytica's sophisticated finite-element analysis (FEA) algorithms and techniques. After the analysis is performed and the machine CAD data is ready for export to the production flow, a simulation model is automatically generated and exported in the IEEE Standard VHDL-AMS format, ready for import directly into SystemVision. A SystemVision user includes these accurate "physical implementation aware" machine models in his simulations to analyze and understand how that design will perform in the context of the entire system.

Due to our collaborative efforts, it is easy to import into SystemVision® VHDL-AMS models created in MagNet or MotorSolve

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