Ernest. M. Freeman

FREng, FIEE, Ph.D.

Dr. Ernest M. Freeman is a Vice President responsible for the UK based European office. With the late Professor Silvester and Dr. David Lowther, he co-founded Infolytica Ltd. (UK) and Infolytica Corporation (Canada) in 1978.

The 180+ papers listed in his CV testify to his breadth of interest in solving field problems. The topics vary from algebraic analysis of machines, through CAD developments and applications, to the more esoteric topics such as the possibility of electromagnetic pre-cursors for seismic events. The running theme through all of his work has been the presentation of electromagnetic field solving techniques into more readily usable forms.

Professionally, he was much involved with the IEE (London), serving as Chairman of the Electromagnetics Group S8, and later as Chairman of the Science, Education and Technology Division of the IEE. He has been a Fellow of the IEE since 1978. In 1987, he was elected as Fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering. He has served, at one time or another, on most of the appropriate electromagnetics committees in the UK. In 1997, he co-chaired the Marelec'97 conference on electromagnetics in a marine environment, and was a standing chairman for Marelec'99. For further details, please see his "Who's Who" entry.