Weidmann Electrical Technology, AG

For more than 125 years, Weidmann has been an expert for electrical insulation of the power industry.

Weidmann Technology Services are part of the Weidmann Electrical Technology Business Area. Their employees who are engaged in the field of research and development have profound knowledge covering the characteristics and the production of insulation, as well as its broad applications possibilities in practice.

To improve your design, to solve engineering problems - thus be more competitive - our experienced Technology Services team provides you with the following offerings:

  • Design and Technical Assistance:
    • Electromagnetic Services
    • Electric Field Calculation
  • Laboratory Services

Weidmann has extensive capability for finite element modeling (FEM), which enables our engineers to accurately simulate windings, insulation systems and complete transformers.

As a company that manufactures and develops insulation materials, plastics and insulation components, we dispose of a broad spectrum of in-depth knowledge of materials, mode of application, processing methods and failure sources.

Moreover in addition to our extensive experience in the field of material testing, we are equipped to determine test values, interpret them in the light of the problem complex and comment our findings.

Benefit from our services in order to:

  • Optimize your design
  • Avoid costly failures
  • Be more competitive

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