Infolytica Europe

Infolytica Europe is responsible for the promotion, sales, and support of MagNet, ThermNet, OptiNet, ElecNet and MotorSolve throughout Europe. To, assist in this endeavour, we are pleased to have the help of Weidmann Electrical Technology and who act as agents for Infolytica. We are also in the process of adding extra resources in Eastern Europe and Iberia.

Growth In Europe

Infolytica Europe continues to expand, and recently moved to new offices in Northamptonshire.

We are also pleased to appoint Trafoexperts as an Agent in Europe. Headed by Dr Ugo Piovan, who is a recognised world expert in the Transformer industry, Trafoexpert offers consulting solutions to transformer OEMs and users, and we are glad to support Ugo in his use of our software as part of his design analysis services.

Contact Information

The Grain Store
Pury Hill Business Park
Nr Alderton, Towcester NN12 7TB UK


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