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3D analysis of induction melting furnaces with a cold crucible

The furnace crucible is made of water cooled copper. The use of water cooled crucible, instead of the traditional ceramic one, sharply reduces contamination of the molting load. The furnaces with the cold crucible is now broadly used for melting super-pure metals and alloys. (This was originally presented at Engage 2015).

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Coil Size Optimization - Induction Heating

In the multiple-coil configuration shown in this figure, the work piece is surrounded by six coils (coils are shown partially so that the workpiece can be seen). The objective of this optimization is to find the inner radii of the coils in order to obtain a uniform temperature in the upper portion of the workpiece.

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Induction Heating of a Workpiece Past the Curie Point

A workpiece is placed inside an inductor coil, the eddy current losses raise its temperature past the Curie point, which in turn affects the distribution of the eddy currents. To correctly simulate this process a fully coupled electromagnetic-thermal field solver and temperature dependent material database, which is the case for MagNet and ThermNet, is required.

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