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Actuator with Diode

This actuator example demonstrates the power of a fully integrated MagNet’ Transient 3D with motion solver which simultaneously solves the circuit equations, the field equations on the finite element mesh, and the equations of motion. All three sets of equations include some sort of non-linearity. For the circuit the non-linear element is the diode. The finite element solver must deal with non-linear magnetic materials, and the motion solver handles the instantaneous reversal of velocity, which occurs when the plunger bounces off a bumper.

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Creating a Response Surface Model of an Actuator for Multi-Discipline Design in SystemVision

A response surface model of an actuator is created by performing several magnetostatic analyses at different currents and positions in MagNet. The RSM can then be used in system simulators, such as SystemVision from Mentor Graphics.

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Response Surface Modeling of an Actuator in Simulink®

A response surface model (RSM) of an actuator is created using MagNet, and then placed in a system model created in Simulink. The movement of the plunger in this actuator is then simulated in Simulink using the RSM.

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