Jan 07

Understanding the cooling requirements for a high performance electric traction motor

The 2010 Prius is an IPM motor with an 8-pole rotor and a 48-pole 3-phase winding. To keep the components of the motor in safe operating conditions, spray cooling is used.

We will compare the software results with measured data. We will also present how thermal analysis is required to accurately predict total machine performance and the different level of accuracy obtained by performing standalone electromagnetic vs coupled two-way analysis.

What You Will Learn in this Webinar

  • An overview of all supported cooling types & features of MotorSolve
  • How two-way coupling of electromagnetic and thermal simulations work in MotorSolve
  • MotorSolve thermal field plot and other critical performance results
  • Comparing MotorSolve performance results with measured data from an ORNL report on the 2010 Prius Motor