Feb 09

Motor Design with MotorSolve v5

Duration: 30 minutes
Presented by: Adrian Perregaux, Application Specialist


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MotorSolve, the world’s most complete motor design software has been improved with the V5 release. Our Webinar will display the use of the full-featured scripting capability as well as showcasing the new ways that users can reveal the behavior of their motors. Magnetic Field probes can now be defined in multiple locations and summarized in a table. Vector quantities can be displayed in an arrow plot. A new formulation allows the user to review the Force Density distribution on the surface of any part within the motor. Efficiency maps for BLDC motors are computed and displayed in contrasting color regions.

Join this webcast to learn about:

  • MotorSolve’s full-featured scripting capability
  • Using Magnetic Field probes to review saturation effects
  • Reviewing vector quantities as arrow plots
  • Assessing motor response with Efficiency maps


Adrian attended Bowdoin College and received his A.B. with honors in Physics. He pursued his graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon where he received a M.S. with a concentration in electromagnetics. He is a long standing IEEE member who celebrates a Senior member status. Adrian is part of the Sales Support team at Infolytica Corporation. His work is focused on supporting pre-sale customers doing simulation with MotorSolve, the MagNet suite and MagNet for SOLIDWORKS.