Aug 24

Infolytica Corporation releases MotorSolve v2.6

Infolytica Corporation announced today the latest release of MotorSolve, the company’s electric machine design software, is now available. MotorSolve v2.6 includes several new features, including synchronous reluctance motor templates and improved loss predictions. The stator winding modeling has been enhanced to allow 3D viewing and more accurate end effect calculations.

Motor efficiency can be determined with greater accuracy in MotorSolve v2.6 due to improved loss predictions. Mechanical factors such as friction, windage and stray losses can now be accounted for.

Companies looking to design motors without permanent magnets, due to their rising cost, can use the new synchronous reluctance templates which have been added to the package.

synchronous reluctance motor

Other improvements in the latest release:

  • Slot liner modeling
  • Asymmetric overhangs
  • Vertical or horizontal layering of windings
  • Magnetic impact of shaft component
  • Improved temperature settings


MotorSolve v2.6 is now available for PC’s running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7.