Sep 15


INTRODUCING MotorSolve Online

MotorSolve Online is a software as a service website for synchronous (brushless AC/DC, permanent magnet AC) and IM designers. This cloud-based motor design software offers flexible subscription terms. There is no software to install and update. First time users can sign up instantly.

Press Release: Infolytica Corporation Launches MotorSolve Online


Subscriptions start at $200 USD per day. A 4 day free trial period is available for a limited time only.

Visit for details and to sign up.

Webinar-on-Demand: Preview of MotorSolve 6 Generator Analysis

The soon-to-be-released MotorSolve 6.0 will include a new generator analysis feature. In this webinar, we offer a preview.


Key Take-Aways

  • Discover the generator analysis functions of MotorSolve 6.0
  • Learn about additional design and display tools for motor analysis
  • Review an example of generator analysis using MotorSolve 6.0

Watch the webinar

Version 7.7.1 Update

MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet version 7.7.1 were released in August 2016.

All eligible customers should upgrade to the latest version.

Please contact your Infolytica Corporation representative for more information.

Las Vegas, NV • November 8-10, 2016


The one conference each year that brings together the entire community of Infolytica experts and users. This event will offer hands-on learning and valuable peer networking for attendees.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to use the latest features
  • Problem solve with Infolytica employees and technology partners.
  • Pick up new ideas from fellow users and drive more productivity
  • Learn what’s planned for future releases and share your input

Presentations Include:

  • MATLAB modeling of complexing mechanical systems
  • Electric propulsion device design with MagNet
  • MotorSolve – Customizing, Ranging and Thermal
  • Designing a PM generator for a HEV
  • And more

Pre-Event Training Course: Advanced MagNet 3D

3D simulations provide additional insight compared to their 2D counterparts. This additional information comes at the cost of adding a degree of complexity to ensure the results truly represent real-life physics.

Starting at $99
Early bird pricing until Sept. 30, 2016

Visit for more details.

Vibrations in Electric Motors

MpCCI FSIMapper Case Study


In this case study we consider a 4-pole-24-slots electric motor, which is modeled in MagNet. The rotor rotates with a frequency of 30 Hz and the coils exhibit an odd parity. We are interested in the vibrational behavior of the stator.

Read the full case study

Upcoming Events

ECCE 2016
September 19-20, 2016
Milwaukee, WI

CWIEME Chicago
October 4-6, 2016
Chicago, IL

Training Course: MagNet
November 15-17, 2016
Infolytica HQ – Montreal, QC CANADA