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» MotorSolve v4 with New SRM Analysis & More 
» Webinar: SRM Design with MotorSolve v4
» Practical Ways to Address the Rising Cost of NdFeB in Traction Motor Drives
» MotorSolve BLDC Thermal Overview
» MotorSolve IM Thermal Analysis
» Design of a 100 KW SRM For Traction Applications

MotorSolve v4 with New SRM Analysis & More


MotorSolve now includes a fully automated finite element analysis (FEA) module for switched-reluctance machines. Users can select between an extremely rapid static FEA solve (ideal for early in the design process) or a full time-stepping non-linear FEA simulation (ideal for final design verification), depending on the level of accuracy they require.

Another key feature is the ability to display temperature fields as a shaded plot. This can be shown on radial or axial slices; extremely useful when trying to determine hot spots and heat flow between components.


Temperature field plotted against the slice of motor in MotorSolve Thermal module

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Webinar: SRM Design with MotorSolve v4


Tuesday, September 25, 2012
1:30 P.M. EDT Duration: 60 minutes

MotorSolve SRM will be used to tackle many aspects of the electric machine design process: sizing, winding configuration, material selection and reviewing the performance results.

What You Will Learn in this Webinar:

synchronous reluctance

  • Overview of the new analysis module available in MotorSolve SRM v4.0
  • How to obtain critical performance results: magnetization characteristics, static torque, torque speed characteristics, optimization of firing angles

This webinar is interactive – put forth your own questions to our application specialist.

Join us for this free one-hour webinar and see how MotorSolve is your fastest solution to a better design.

Practical Ways to Address the Rising Cost of NdFeB in Traction Motor Drives

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
8:00am to 5:00pm
Pre-Conference Workshop at SMMA 2012
$525 USD for members ($625 USD for non-members)
Presented by Jim Hendershot

Join Jim Hendershot, renowned electric motor expert, for a full day workshop at SMMA 2012 Fall Technical Conference in St. Louis, MO.

This workshop focuses on replacing the IPM rotor in a PMSM traction motor with either an AC Induction rotor or a reluctance synchronous rotor while using the same stator.

Due to the lower power density of the two alternate machines types we will be focusing working the rotors harder by spray cooling simulations to demonstrate the possibilities of this cost saving substitution of either rotor type.

MotorSolve BLDC Thermal Overview

Design specifications for electric machines are requiring more than ever that the optimum design consider multiple disciplines of physics. The thermal behavior for instance can significantly impact the magnetic response of a machine especially with extended operation. How long will the insulation last? Will the permanent magnets demagnetize? Will the current density require additional cooling? What cooling configuration[s] will work? MotorSolve capabilities allow the designer to couple magnetic and thermal responses to determine the optimum machine. 

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MotorSolve IM Thermal Analysis

Temperature is an important factor that affects the performance of electric machines. Due to their thermal design, electric machines can suffer problems such as insulation breakdown, reduction in torque provided, shortened lifetimes and so on. In addition, the size of a motor is ultimately dependent upon the thermal rating. In order to predict machine temperatures, the design of the electric machine needs to take thermal factors into account. In this example, a 4kW IM machine is chosen to demonstrate the new thermal analysis features within MotorSolve.

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Design of a 100 KW SRM For Traction Applications

Switched reluctance machines have been gaining increasing attention lately on account of their simplicity and their “non-use” of permanent magnets, especially, rare earth types that are commonly used for traction applications.

Using MotorSolve SRM, a 100 KW SRM is designed for traction application. It is 3-phase and 12/8 type 

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