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MotorSolve Training Course

The next MotorSolve Training Course will be April 11-12, 2017. Intended for new users who seek an introduction to the key features: problem setup, solving techniques, post-processing and how to... read more →

APEC 2017

APEC 2017, March 26-30, 2017 in Tampa, Florida Visit us at booth 1015 APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. This is not... read more →


SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017, February 5-8, 2017, Los Angeles, CA STOP BY Booth #706 in the Partner Pavilion to see a demo of the upcoming MagNet for SOLIDWORKS version 3 and... read more →

Skew Angle for Zero Cogging Torque

A new feature in MotorSolve version 6.0 automatically calculates the skew on the stator lamination which is necessary to achieve zero cogging torque. Given a machine such as shown below... read more →


INTRODUCING MotorSolve Online MotorSolve Online is a software as a service website for synchronous (brushless AC/DC, permanent magnet AC) and IM designers. This cloud-based motor design software offers flexible subscription... read more →


SIGNIFICANT SPEED-UPS in LATEST MagNet v7.7 In our latest release, MagNet's 3D nonlinear electromagnetic problems can be solved significantly faster; however there are speed-ups in all 2D and 3D solvers.... read more →


Predict Thermal Effects & Avoid Winding Overheating with Duct Cooling in MotorSolve v5.2 MotorSolve Thermal 3D FEA simulations work seamlessly with the electromagnetic field solver to predict the heating and... read more →


Infolytica Engage: User Conference 2015 Expert users and engineers gather to collaborate and discuss best practices when using our simulation software for design and analysis. EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS SEPTEMBER... read more →

Webinar: Introduction to MagNet

WATCH IT ON DEMAND: MagNet 2D/3D is used by designers & engineers in many different industries as their preferred CAE tool for electromagnetic field simulations. Using an actuator as the... read more →


In this issue: » MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet v7.5 now available » Webinar-on-Demand: MagNet for SOLIDWORKS » Ohmic losses in transformer clamping plates with non-linear characteristic » Upcoming events »... read more →


In this issue: » MagNet for SolidWorks Now Available » Webinar: Introduction to MagNet for SolidWorks » Rare Earth MRI Magnet Assembly » Upcoming events » Simulating a Skewed Induction... read more →


In this issue: » MagNet for SolidWorks Coming in 2014 » Webinar: Simulating power transmission lines with ElecNet » Stray loss reduction of a power transformer by employing wall shunts... read more →

MagNet for SolidWorks Coming in 2014

Montreal, QC - Infolytica Corporation announces today that MagNet for SolidWorks, an entirely new software package developed by the company, will be officially launched in 2014. SolidWorks® users who need... read more →

Introduction to MagNet for SOLIDWORKS

Learn more about MagNet for SOLIDWORKS, the new electromagnetic field simulator embedded in the industry leading CAD software. A combination beyond compare: just one design environment for drawing the model... read more →

Designing Electric Actuators

Actuators vary significantly in design, dimension and usage. Electric actuators continue to replace traditional pneumatic devices due to cost and application flexibility. Designing an electric actuator requires accurate electromagnetic field... read more →

SRM Design with MotorSolve v4

During this webinar, MotorSolve SRM will be used to tackle many aspects of the electric machine design process: sizing, winding configuration, material selection, losses/efficiency and reviewing the performance results. What... read more →

Using MotorSolve for Machine Design

Using MotorSolve to tackle real design problems. All aspects of the process will be covered: sizing, winding, materials and performance results. Includes a preview of MotorSolve v3.0 with thermal analysis... read more →

An Introduction to MotorSolve DCM

This webinar is an introduction to the newest MotorSolve module, during which DCM will be used to tackle many aspects of the electric machine design process, winding configuration, material selection... read more →


In this issue » MotorSolve v4.1: DCM for Brushed DC & Wound Field Machines » New Infolytica Extension Pack v4.0 » Webinar: An Introduction to MotorSolve DCM » Application Example:... read more →


In this issue » Opal-RT: New Partnership & MotorSolve Export » 2012 MotorSolve National Motor Design Contest » MagNet Training Course - February 12-14, 2013 » Webinar on Demand: SRM... read more →


In this issue » MotorSolve v4 with New SRM Analysis & More  » Webinar: SRM Design with MotorSolve v4 » Practical Ways to Address the Rising Cost of NdFeB in... read more →


In this issue » Using MotorSolve for Electric Machine Design » Electric Machine Design Workshop for Aerospace Applications » BLDC Motor Design: Cooling and Thermal Considerations » Advances in Simulation... read more →

Infolytica Corporation releases MotorSolve v2.6

Infolytica Corporation announced today the latest release of MotorSolve, the company's electric machine design software, is now available. MotorSolve v2.6 includes several new features, including synchronous reluctance motor templates and... read more →