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MotorSolve Trial Edition

Electric Machine Design Software

MotorSolve Trial Edition is a demo version of the BLDC, IM, SRM and Thermal modules. This free download is a preview of all the features that a full license has to offer.

MotorSolve TE limits results and winding layouts to the default BLDC, IM and SRM motors only. To try the full version with no restrictions and all features enabled, please request an evaluation from an Infolytica Corporation representative.

Trial Edition
Full License
Initial Machine Sizing Feature
Easy-to-use Template Interface
Full Editing of Design Parameters
Complete Rotor and Stator Library
DXF Import of Rotor and Stator
Material Library
Automatic Winding Layouts
Results & Analysis
Thermal Results & Analysis
Export to VHDL-AMS & DXF  
Export to Opal-RT eDRIVEsim  
Online Documentation  
Customer Support  
MotorSolve DCM  

‡ A portion of the material library has been included in the trial edition.

† indicates features which are limited to the default brushless, induction and switched reluctance machine templates only.

The Benefits of a Full License

  • Results and analysis for all machine types and templates
  • Complete automatic and manual winding layouts
  • Full and editable material library
  • File exports to VHDL-AMS and .DXF format
  • Latest software updates
  • Customer Support and Complete Documentation

Request a full feature evaluation license of MotorSolve

MotorSolve BLDC
default BLDC motor template

Default BLDC template
surface mounted with radial magnets

default IM motor template

Default IM template
round back bars with parallel teeth

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