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ElecNet v7 Trial Edition


ElecNet has helped hundreds of engineers and designers worldwide accurately model, analyze and predict the performance of their high voltage components, insulations, transformers and other devices.

ElecNet Trial Edition is your opportunity to learn first hand how our electric field software can meet your design needs.

What you'll get with ElecNet v7 Trial Edition

  • New ElecNet version 7 with updated interface
  • Electric Static and Current Flow 2D solvers for design and analysis
  • All 2D mesh adaption tools
  • All 2D boundary conditions
  • Scripting Tools
  • Documentation (bundled with the download)
  • .DXF File Import

The Benefits of a Full License

This trial edition does not include all of ElecNet's solvers or features, such as:

  • AC and Transient Solvers in 2D/3D
  • Multicore Enabled Solvers
  • Parameterization Module
  • Automated Design Optimization with OptiNet
  • Customer Support and Complete Online Documentation

Learn about the full capabilities of the new ElecNet v7

Request a full feature evaluation license of ElecNet v7

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