This document lists the minimum hardware and software requirements to install and run MotorSolve. Please note that actual hardware requirements are dependant on licensed application configuration and usage.



  • Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott) - 1GHz minimum
  • AMD Athlon 64, Opteron, Turion 64 - 1GHz minimum

Memory 1

  • 1GB of RAM

Operating System 2, 3

  • Windows 7 4
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows 8 5

Hard Disk Space 1

  • 1GB of disk space

Graphics Card

  • AMD Radeon Series
  • nVidia GeForce Series

Additional Software

1 these requirements are above those of the OS.
2 use of any OS not listed is unsupported.
3 MotorSolve will run on 64-bit versions of Windows listed.
4 only Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate Editions are supported.
5 only Professional and Enterprise Editions are supported.