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Summary of Major Changes
Date Major Changes Release Notes
6.0.1 December 2016
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Release Notes
6.0 October 2016
  • For BLDC: New Generator Analysis feature
  • For BLDC: New phasor diagrams (motor and generators)
  • Görges, MMF plot and Animated MMF plot winding charts added
  • For BLDC & IM: Improved models for PWM analysis
  • New video tutorials
Release Notes
5.2 January 2016
  • For Thermal: Housing Duct Cooling added (axial, spiral)
  • For DCM: Interior rotors added
  • For IM: Skew taken into account for most results and charts
Release Notes
5.1.1 July 2015
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Release Notes
5.1 June 2015
  • Algorithmic improvements to automated solver for significant speed up when computing result quantities, charts and fields
  • New Current Driven DCM Analysis
  • First release of MotorSolve for 64-bit
  • Added Simscape export & improved Simulink, Opal-RT & VHDL-AMS exports
Release Notes
5.0.1 February 2015
  • Renaming of tooth width parameters in MotorSolve IM
  • Improved some parameter descriptions
  • Sped up the calculation of Surface force density
Release Notes
5.0.0 January 2015
  • Updates to the variational geometry engine
  • Reorganization and renaming of design parameters (standard terminology)
  • Exterior wound rotors added to IM
  • Efficiency maps added to BLDC results
  • Surface force density field added
  • Added Scripting for customization, optimization and batching
Release Notes
4.1.1 December 2013
  • Improved DCM modeling
  • Improved resistance and inductance calculations
  • Improved thermal calculations in BLDC and IM
Release Notes
4.1 December 2012
  • New DCM module with Results and Analysis
  • New Opal-RT edriveSIM export option in BLDC and SRM that supports non-linear iron loss
  • DXF importing of stator geometry
  • New non-linear PWM analysis method for MotorSolve BLDC
  • Fluids can be added in the air gap
  • Supports Windows© 8
  • MotorSolve Chinese Language Pack
Release Notes
4.0 June 2012
  • Complete SRM module with Results and Analysis
  • Spray cooling added to Thermal module
  • Thermal fields added to Results (Thermal Module)
  • DXF importing of rotor geometry
Release Notes
3.0 May 2012 Release Notes
2.6 December 2011
  • Improved winding and 3D display
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motor template added
  • Added mechanical losses: friction, windage and stray
  • Slot liner modeling
Release Notes
2.5 February 2011 Release Notes
2.4 September 2010
  • Added Wound Rotor IM template
  • Improved PWM analysis
  • VHDL-AMS export
  • Multi-core processing
Release Notes