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Motor designers can rapidly simulate and get machine performance characteristics using MotorSolve, the powerful software that offers their complete analysis needs in one design environment.

The template-based interface combined with the variational geometry modeling makes the software easy to use yet flexible enough to handle virtually any motor design. Rotor and stator geometries can also be directly imported.

MotorSolve user interface version 5

MotorSolve simulates machine performance using an automated finite element analysis engine. There is no need to construct the model, perform mesh refinements and extensive post-processing to extract motor related results. MotorSolve performs these operations for the user.

Need to do a quick initial design check? Validating your final spec? Or somewhere in between? Choose from several analysis modes available for the speed versus accuracy level required.

MotorSolve Thermal couples electromagnetic and thermal analysis for a complete motor performance profile.

MotorSolve modules

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- Sync. Reluctance
- Surface Mounted
- Bread-loaf
- Spoke
- Inset
- More
- Interior and exterior rotors
- All standard bar shapes
- All standard wound configurations
- Brushes
- Series
- Shunt
- Universal
- More
Templates for both interior and exterior types Simulates the impact of heating and applied cooling on the motor's performance Cloud version of the electric motor design software.
Read more about the Brushless DC & Permanent Magnet AC machines module Read more about the Induction machines module Read more about the brushed & wound field machines module Read more about the switched reluctance machines module Read more about the coupled thermal analysis Visit MotorSolve Online for more details

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