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MotorSolve | IM Module


MotorSolve version 5 is the only software an electric machine designer needs to get an accurate prediction of their motor or generator's complete performance. The powerful automated finite element analysis engine is completely embedded within the tool. No model exporting or additional software is required. MotorSolve goes beyond just sizing the motor.

IM is the MotorSolve module for induction motor templates. A list of all support modules and templates of MotorSolve can be viewed here.

MotorSolve IM interface
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MotorSolve IM results interface
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Use MotorSolve IM to design your machine and take into account important effects such as:

  • Leakage Inductances
  • Iron Losses
  • Efficiency
  • Deep Bar Effects
  • Stator End Effects
  • Effects of switching on motor characteristics due to inverter fed phases

View the full list of MotorSolve IM features.


MotorSolve IM workflow diagram
MotorSolve IM interface