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MotorSolve | DCM Module

PMDC and WOUND FIELD MOTOR Design Software

MotorSolve version 5 is the only software an electric machine designer needs to get an accurate prediction of their motor or generator's complete performance. The powerful automated finite element analysis engine is completely embedded within the tool. No model exporting or additional software is required. MotorSolve goes beyond just sizing the motor.

DCM is the MotorSolve module which includes the brushed DC, permanent magnet DC (PMDC), wound field and universal motor templates. A list of all support modules and templates can be viewed here.

MotorSolve DCM interface
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MotorSolve DCM results interface
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MotorSolve DCM uses a template-based interface which makes creating new designs from scratch effortless - just enter the number of rotor and stator poles and then specify information such as:

  • Outer diameter
  • Stack length
  • Configuration of the brushes and commutator
  • Winding
  • Lamination material

View the full list of MotorSolve DCM features.


MotorSolve SRM workflow diagram.
MotorSolve DCM logo