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MotorSolve | DCM Analysis

MotorSolve DCM calculates machine performance based on automated finite element analysis simulations. There is no need to construct the model, perform mesh refinements and extensive post-processing to extract motor related results. MotorSolve performs these operations for the user.

Using the template interface, a desired waveform, quantity or field is selected with the operating conditions specified.


Current-driven analysis
  • Models the DC supply as a constant current source. This allows the simulation to converge much more quickly to the steady-state
  • Ideal for servo applications where the motor is controlled by a PWM drive to achieve a specified torque
Voltage-driven analysis
  • Perform a full time-stepping non-linear FEA simulation
  • Highly accurate for all types of operating conditions and ideal for final design verification
MotorSolve BLDC inteface displaying the flux density of a machine