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MotorSolve | BLDC GENERATOR Analysis

MotorSolve BLDC also offers an optional generator analysis feature. The result waveforms and charts, applicable to both motors in generating mode and AC generators, can be computed with one of four different analysis types available.

Analysis Types

Operating Points

Generated a chart of the selected quantities related to the short-circuited and maximum power point of the generator. The results are calculated from the nonlinear D-Q model of the motor, obtained from a FEA solve of the currents between 0 and the short-circuit current.

D-Q Analysis

  • Ideal for what-if analysis: initial sizing or design variations
  • Rapid: based on a single FEA simulation to characterize the performance

Reduced Order Model

  • Perform a dynamic simulation of the electronic commutation in a three-phase full-bridge
  • Squarewave or Sinewave
  • Important at high speeds: current waveforms differ significantly from the ideal
  • Also supports non-linear PWM analysis method

Motion Analysis

  • Perform a full time-stepping non-linear FEA simulation to simulate a generator connected to resistive/inductive load
  • Wye or Delta
  • Sinusoidal or six-step drive
  • Highly accurate for all types of operating conditions and ideal for final design verification
MotorSolve BLDC Field Analysis is used for designing teeth, back iron

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