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MotorSolve is an accurate and easy to use electric motor design software. Within a few minutes, any machine design can be created in MotorSolve.

MotorSolve calculates machine performance based on automated finite element analysis: no drawing, no manual mesh refining and no post-processing necessary.

Using the template interface, a desired waveform, quantity or field is selected with the operating conditions specified.

There are currently 5 different MotorSolve modules available. Select one from the table for more information or consult the motor types chart below for more information about which module is best suited for your motor design needs.

MotorSolve BLDC logo MotorSolve IM logo MotorSolve DCM logo MotorSolve SRM logo MotorSolve
Brushless DC & PMAC machines Induction machines Brushed & wound field machines Switched reluctance machines Coupled thermal analysis for BLDC & IM
- Reluctance
- Surface
- Bread-loaf
- Spoke
- Inset
- More
Extensive template library of all standard rotor & stator types - Brushes
- Series
- Shunt
- Universal
- More
Templates for both interior and exterior types - TENV
- Contact cooling
- Spray cooling

motorsolveIM magnet motorsolveBLDC
magnet motorsolveBLDC motorsolveIM motorsolveBLDC motorsolveSRM
magnet motorsolveIM motorsolveBLDC motorsolveDCM motorsolveSRM