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Summary of Major Changes
Date Major Changes Release Notes
7.7.1 August 2016
  • General improvements & fixes
Release Notes
7.7 May 2016
  • New Make Surface Coil tool - detects path and cross section for user
  • Significant speed up for 3D nonlinear problems (magnetostatic and transient solvers)
  • New chamfers and fillets tool
  • New material libraries added
  • Sped up the loading of large post-processing meshes
  • Algorithmic parallelism improvements in all 2D and 3D solvers
Release Notes
7.6 August 2015
  • General improvements & fixes
  • Field viewing operations have been improved
  • MagNet now accept a temperature field as input to the system, settable through a scripting API
  • 2D simulations benefit from an improved solver technology which reduces the run time
Release Notes
7.5.1 March 2015
  • General improvements & fixes
  • Important: Users who have purchased any of Infolytica's 3D CAD Import/Export Options (i.e. Pro/E, STEP, IGES, CATIA and Inventor) must download & install the ACIS CAD Translator separately.
Release Notes
7.5 June 2014
  • Added force density field
  • Non-linear BH properties along 3-axes
  • Thin perfect electric insulator
  • Improvements to the non-linear surface impedance approximation model
Release Notes
7.4.1 November 2012
  • Hybrid complex coil and winding structures where solid or stranded components can be intermixed
  • New version of the System Model Generator
  • General improvements to the software package
Release Notes
7.4 September 2012
  • Added a feature to detect potential problems in the 3D solid geometry
  • General speed-up of solver and application
  • Many related add-ons also updated, check the Release Notes for full details
Release Notes
7.3 April 2012
  • Added solver property fields to freeze material properties
  • Added solver property field to linearize the BH material lookup based on a previous solution
  • Improvements to the Detect and Heal Bad Edge
Release Notes
7.2 May 2011
  • Added multi-core processing to post-processing
  • Added transparency to materials
  • Added the ability to override the material color and transparency in components
Release Notes
7.1.3 January 2011
  • Resolved Compatibility Issues
Release Notes
7.1.2 October 2010
  • Improvements to non-linear surface impedance
  • General speed-ups of the software
Release Notes
7.1.1 June 2010
  • Improved the efficiency of memory usage
  • Changes to Material Modeling
  • General speed-ups of the software
Release Notes
7.1 April 2010
  • Added nonlinear surface impedance
  • Freezing the magnetization
  • 2D solvers and meshers now support multi-core
Release Notes
7.0 October 2009
  • Updated Interface
  • Multithreaded solvers 3D (for multi-core machines)
  • Native solid geometry components
Release Notes