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MotorSolve Thermal | Features

MotorSolve Thermal is a 3D FEA-based analysis tool. It offers seamless co-simulation between electromagnetics and thermal physics for machine designers, all within a single interface. Multiple design scenarios can be setup, solved and post-processed in a single model file.

  • Calculate the steady-state temperatures using the losses from the magnetic analysis
  • Perform the magnetic analyses at these steady-state temperatures taking into account the change in material properties due to the change in temperatures
  • Automatic calculation of the heat transfer coefficients
  • User controlled over-ride of heat transfer coefficients
  • Steady State experimental conditions
  • Duty Cycle transient experimental conditions

Supported Machine Types

MotorSolve Thermal is an optional module which is compatible with the following electromagnetic analysis modules:

Design Parameters

  • Housing, bearing, end plates and shaft
  • Slot liner, wedge and coil separator
  • Detailed 3D end winding geometry
  • Machine mounting
  • Database of materials includes coolants
  • Calculates anisotropic thermal conductivity of the winding

Thermal Physics & Cooling

  • Conduction Physics
  • Natural & Forced Convection Physics
  • Radiation Physics

Supported Cooling Methods

  • Duct cooling and Housing Water Jacket
  • Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated (TENV)
  • Totally External Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Forced Convection with Fluid
  • Contact cooling through the flange or endplate of the machine
  • Spray cooling

Waveforms, Fields and Charts

  • Losses for thermal analysis
  • Temperatures for magnetic analysis
  • Temperature by component
  • Duty cycle losses
  • Heat capacity
  • Heat flux
  • Thermal fields


Powerful scripting capability for customization, batching and optimization: All MotorSolve commands can be accessed through APIs. Use this feature with any programming language or ActiveX compliant software (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

Report and Output

  • Design parameters, performance data and summary comparisons can be recorded in an experimental log or report (PDF)
  • Results are easily accessible either with the use of the clipboard or export functionality
  • The summary feature compares two or more designs side-by-side and highlights the differences in design data

Export Options

  • MagNet
  • DXF
  • Data export (as table or chart)
3D view of a BLDC motor and housing in MotorSolve v3