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MotorSolve | SRM Analysis Types

MotorSolve SRM calculates machine performance based on automated finite element analysis simulations. There is no need to construct the model, perform mesh refinements and extensive post-processing to extract motor related results. MotorSolve performs these operations for the user.

Using the template interface, a desired waveform, quantity or field is selected with the operating conditions specified.

MotorSolve SRM includes two analysis methods, suitable for different phases of the design process. The waveforms, fields and charts are computed using one of the selected analysis method, allowing users to choose the computation time based on their required degree of accuracy.

Analysis Types

Static Analysis

  • Ideal for obtaining machine characteristics: flux linkage, static torque and inductance profiles etc.
  • Extremely rapid: based on either semi-analytic analysis or completely FEA solve

Motion Analysis

  • Perform a full time-stepping non-linear FEA simulation
  • Highly accurate for all types of operating conditions and ideal for final design verification
MotorSolve BLDC inteface displaying the flux density of a machine