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MotorSolve | DCM Features

MotorSolve DCM is the easy-to-use software for modeling, simulating and predicting the performance of brushed DC, permanent magnet DC (PMDC), wound field and universal motors.

The software has been tailored with a motor designer's needs in mind, making it easy to analyze and optimize any of the motor topologies supported by the DCM module.

The rapid and accurate results are based on automated FEA simulations. There are different analysis methods included, which gives the user control the level of refinement (accuracy vs time). Read more about the analysis types included in MotorSolve DCM.

Templates & Design Parameters

  • Brushed DC, PMDC, wound field and universal motor templates
  • For wound field: series, shunt and separately excited
  • Geometric dimensions of the armature and stator
  • Number of rotor and stator poles can be arbitrarily large
  • Polyphase machines supported
  • Select laminations, brushes and wire materials from extensive database
  • Skew & skew prediction for zero cogging torque

All standard slot types (square, round, slotless, parallel tooth, etc) are also included.

Custom rotor and stator geometries can be imported.

Winding Layout

  • Select from a list of automatically calculated layouts
  • Detailed end winding geometry
  • Lap and Wave winding
  • Progressive and regressive option
  • Supports several wire sizing methods
  • User defined multiplicity setting
  • Relevant factors (winding factor, fill factor, etc) are automatically calculated
MotorSolve DCM
left: MotorSolve DCM winding diagram right: winding settings input

Charts, Fields and Motor Performance

Performance Charts

  • Cogging torque
  • Kt and Ke values
  • Speed vs Torque
  • Back-EMF calculations with user defined brush shift angle
  • And many more

Field Plots

  • Flux function
  • Flux density
  • Surface force density
  • Current density
  • Winding losses
  • Demagnetization prediction
  • And many more


Powerful scripting capability for customization, batching and optimization: All MotorSolve commands can be accessed through APIs. Use this feature with any programming language or ActiveX compliant software (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

Auto Sizing

An initial value for several parameters related to the size of the machine based on:

  • torque per unit volume
  • rated current density

Report and Output

  • Design parameters, performance data and summary comparisons can be recorded in an experimental log or report (PDF)
  • Results are easily accessible either with the use of the clipboard or export functionality
  • The summary feature compares two or more designs side-by-side and highlights the differences in design data

Export Options

  • MagNet
  • DXF
  • Data export (as table or chart)
MotorSolve DCM view of motor with commutator and brushes