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SRM Design with MotorSolve v4

Previously Recorded Webinar

Watch the previously recorded webinar.

The recently released MotorSolve version 4 now includes a fully automated finite element analysis (FEA) module for switched-reluctance machines. Users can select between an extremely rapid static FEA solve (ideal for early in the design process) or a full time-stepping non-linear FEA simulation (ideal for final design verification), depending on the level of accuracy they require.

During this webinar, MotorSolve SRM will be used to tackle many aspects of the electric machine design process: sizing, winding configuration, material selection, losses/efficiency and reviewing the performance results.

What You Will Learn in this Webinar:

  • Overview of the new analysis module available in MotorSolve SRM v4.0
  • How to obtain critical performance results: magnetization characteristics, static torque, torque speed characteristics, optimization of firing angles.
MotorSolve SRM Webinar