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MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet v7.5 now available

Laminations in a BLDC motor This past June, we released an update to MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet which introduced several new features and significant improvements to the software suite.

One key feature was developed by working with several power transformer designers and learning more about their simulation needs: a proprietary formulation of the nonlinear surface impedance approximation.

Other general improvements include:

  • Perfect insulation for laminations and other applications
  • Force density on a component
  • Speedups in ElecNet to allow the use of many electrodes in a model
  • Adding the surface heat sources in ThermNet
  • System Model Generator supporting fractional number of turns
  • General speedups


MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet v7.5 are now available for Microsoft Windows 7 or 8. For information regarding pricing or to request an evaluation, please contact an Infolytica Corporation representative nearest you.

MagNet for SOLIDWORKS promo MagNet for SOLIDWORKS promo

Webinar-on-Demand: MagNet for SOLIDWORKS


MagNet for SOLIDWORKS See an in-depth demonstration of MagNet for SOLIDWORKS: This webinar highlights the advantages of using only design environment (SOLIDWORKS) for creating a device model, performing an electromagnetic simulation and analysing the performance.

Watch the recorded webinar.

Learn more about MagNet for SOLIDWORKS.

Ohmic losses in transformer clamping plates with non-linear characteristic

Ohmic losses in transformer clamping plates with non-linear characteristic MagNet's proprietary formulation of the nonlinear surface impedance approximation reconciles both the low and high saturation regimes, applies to a wide range of materials, and covers both the B- and H-sinusoidal cases, which other proposed empirical models fail to do. This example demonstrates the benefits for transformer design and analysis needs. Read more


ECCE 2014
September 14-18, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA

September 30 - October 1, 2014
Chicago, IL

Reducing the start-up transients of an induction motor

Induction Motor The start-up response cannot be skipped by simply starting the simulation at a later time. However, there is no need to wait through the slow start-up response either. There are a number of techniques to significantly reduce the duration of start-up transients using the right initial conditions with MagNet. These powerful features are applied to the simulation of an induction machine. These methods can all be automated by scripting as well. Read more

Reducing the Eddy Current Losses in Permanent Magnets by Segmentation

Surface Mounted PM Machine with PM Segmentation Segmentation of the permanent magnets helps to reduce the eddy current losses and risk of damage. In this example, MagNet is used to investigate the effect of segmentation in a surface mounted permanent magnet machine. Read more

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