Discover the full capabilities of our electromagnetic, electric field and motor simulation software packages.

MagNet 2D/3D

Electromagnetic field simulation software for virtual prototyping

ElecNet 2D/3D

Electric field simulation software for predicting peformance


Design brushless, PM, induction SR, DC & wound motors.


Couple with MagNet or ElecNet two-way thermal simulations


Detailed application examples which have been designed and analyzed with our software tools. Check out the complete list.

MRI Magnet Assembly

Generating an uniform field for medical applications

Skewed Induction Motor

Using MagNet to minimize the torque ripple and cogging effect

Stray losses in transformer

Comparing the case with and without wall shunts

Detecting flaws in a pipe

Using a pancake coil to detects flaws in this WFNDEC benchmark

News & events

Recent developments, events, and other news items. See upcoming training course dates and information.

NEW: MagNet & ElecNet v7.5

Now available.

NEW: MagNet for SolidWorks

Now available.

MagNet Training Course

August 12-14, 2014
Montreal, QC

ECCE 2014

September 14-18, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA